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Who We Are

KL Environmental is an Indigenous owned and operated environmental construction services group in the Pacific Northwest. We have over 15 years of industry experience assisting clients manage their environmental committments with a primary focus on Environmental Construction Services including but not limited to Environmental Inspection, Monitoring, and Compliance. Our team is highly trained and experienced as quality is a primary focus in all our projects we undertake.

What We Do

Our environmental inspectors are some of the most experienced in the industry. We use this experience to develop, execute, and provide feedback on environmental management plans, protection plans, and construction plans. There is no “fix-all” solution when it comes to dynamic construction sites. We will tailor our expertise to your specific needs. We will find you a pracitical solution that works!

Where We Work

KL Environmental has a major onsite focus within the Pacific Northwest but has experience and reach across Western Canada if needed. The Pacific Northwest is a Temperate and Coastal Rainforest with highly variable terrain. Due to the natural terrain and the regulatory requirements, the Pacific Northwest has some of the best contractors and builders in North America. Our niche expertise and location will meet you onsite and help get your job done, the right way.

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